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Caring for your Composite Door

Composite Doors are known to be virtually maintenance free, however there are a few things that you should keep on top of in order to ensure that your composite door stays in tip top condition and proves to be the excellent investment you want it to be. 

Cleaning Your Door

Keep your composite door looking clean and fresh, by giving it a light clean with warm, soapy water. No matter what dirt or stains you are trying to remove, never use an abrasive cleaner (this includes PVC cleaner) as these can be removed by using any non-abrasive cleaner. As well as this, it is important to make sure the drainage holes are clean every year. To do this, keep the threshold clean by hoovering/wiping it down. A small screwdriver can be used to clear out the drainage holes. You can test that they are clean by pouring a small amount of water into them and watching it trickle out of the drainage caps outside. 

Using Your Door Properly

To avoid damage to the door panel, it is critical that you close your composite door properly. This includes lifting the handle fully upwards, or  ‘throwing the handle’, when closing the door. This engages the top and bottom hooks for increased security and support. When the handle is not thrown,  the door will be locked solely on the latch, which can cause problems further down the line. 

Cleaning Door Furniture

Having just spent a lot of money on an attractive composite door, you'll want to keep it looking that way for as long as possible. It is therefore important to keep your shiny furniture (handles, letterplate, hinges, numerals etc) looking clean. To do this, we suggest wiping it with a clean cloth, soaked in warm water and mild detergent every month. This will keep things looking as good as new for a very long time!

Maintaining Your Lock

One of the most important parts of your door, the biggest contributor to the security of you, your family and your possessions, is your lock. For this reason, it’s useful to know how to look after it properly. In order to maintain a smooth and consistent operation, you will have lubricate the working parts of the mechanism at least every 12 months. 

Adjusting Your Hinges

Composite Doors are very heavy and, over prolonged use, it is absolutely natural for your door to require some minor hinge adjustment. All you will have to do is adjust the screws on the hinges, or the locking keeps from time to time. This means that your door will always sit perfectly, just like the day that it was installed, allowing you to enjoy simple and efficient operation.

Annual Maintenance Service

Why not take advantage of our annual maintenance service? We will take care of the Lock and Hinge maintenance mentioned above so that your door will live on as good as new for as long as possible. You can book this service for just £150 per year, which can be paid annually or monthly, subject to status. 

Just tell us your name, email address and (if you remember it) your job reference from when you placed your order.

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