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Design your own Composite Door online using one of our state of the art Online Door Designers.

There are two main types of composite door - Foam Filled, also known as GRP or Insulated and Solid Core, also known as Timber Core. We have chosen to work with the 2 most respected and high performing manufacturers of both types of these doors. Distinction Doors are, in our professional opinion, the best choice for Insulated Foam Filled Composite Doors, whilst Endurance Doors offer the best solution for premium Solid Core Composite Doors and are classed as the UK's most secure doors. Both manufacturers offer respectable levels of security and energy efficiency, but we recommend Endurance Doors for the ultimate in both.

We have won several awards and are Approved & Preferred Installer Partners of Endurance Doors.

best composite door manufacturer

Endurance Doors: Winners of Best Composite Door Manufacturer 2020

Using a mobile phone?
Why not try and brand new Touch designer and design your Endurance Door? Click here to try!

endurance doors preferred installer
Premium Solid Core Composite Door
Design your Endurance door:

It's really easy to design your 48mm thick, solid timber core Endurance composite door. Just click "Start Designing" below to get your creative juices flowing!

Many of the Endurance door designs are unique to them, and the hardware and glazing combined with these designs will produce a stunning, thick, heavy and secure door that will really justify the price tag that you should expect from the best timber or solid composite door that the industry has ever seen.



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Insulated Foam Core Composite Door
Design your Distinction door:

Using our state of the art online door designer is quick and extremely easy. The designer allows you to build a 44mm thick, foam core Distinction Composite Door.

Keep clicking until you are happy with your design and then you can either "Request a Quotation" or click on "View on your home" to superimpose the door onto a photograph of your property. What better way to get a feel for how your brand new composite door could look?

we recommend endurance
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