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Government Grants for new Windows

Until July 2015, homeowners were able to apply for a grant known as the ‘Green Deal’. This initiative was designed to encourage homeowners to make energy-saving improvements to their home, including installing double glazing.

The government provided funding to cover the cost of installation, meaning homeowners paid nothing upfront for their double glazing. Homeowners then paid back the cost of installation over several years using the savings they made on their energy bills.

However the Green Deal scheme was scrapped due to a lack of interest from homeowners, with only 15,000 houses signing up for the grant over three years. This was largely due to the high interest rates that were attached to the repayments, which made the grant very unpopular.

No scheme has yet replaced the Green Deal, and the government have not announced their intentions to put a new grant in place to help homeowners install double glazing.

Even if you don’t come to us, ask for a genuine quotation from a local trusted and reputable double glazing company, and stop letting the scammers profit from your hard earned savings.

All of this can be confirmed by visiting the gov.uk website. They will send you to check which home energy grants are available on this website: simpleenergyadvice.org.uk/grants

What about the Window Scrappage Scheme

Companies that offer this scheme generate a small revenue by dismantling and recycling the components of your old windows and doors, i.e. the uPVC, glass and metal parts. The more windows you have, the more revenue they will gain and the bigger the discount you will receive. They certainly do not sell your windows for thousands of pounds though! (see below)

Composite Doors Cardiff Limited do not offer any such window scrappage scheme, as we recycle all old windows and doors purely for environmental reasons. We do not gain any revenue from doing so and believe that helping to prolong the world in which we live should not be about profit. Besides which, we're far too busy doing our job to be dismantling every handle, hinge, gearbox and glass unit that we remove! In addition to this, we have chosen to provide extremely energy efficient windows that will reduce your carbon footprint by requiring a lower thermostat and your heating being used less. We also price all windows as C-Rated glass but upgrade them free of charge to A-Rated glass. 

So, how come they can offer thousands of pound off? 

It's really quite simple. Let's forget windows for a second.

Let's say you have £5 bottles of Wine for sale, but you're greedy and want £10 for each of them.

You advertise them at £15 each, telling customers that you will buy empty bottles off them for £5 each.

All you need to do, now that you have double-overpriced your bottles of wine, is charitably "buy back" the empty bottles, saving the customer a staggering £5 per bottle. 

Aren't they lucky, they got a £15 bottle of Wine for the bargain price of just £10 - all because somebody threw their old bottles in the bin! Little do they know that the bottle was only worth £5 in the first place...

All you have done is sell overpriced cheap bottles of wine, whilst another company sells their premium bottles of Wine at the correct price of £15 each, a respectable price for high quality bottles of Wine!

Some people would call this lying and then call Trading Standards, or the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) to report you under the Trade Descriptions Act of 1968 for falsely advertising a product or service.

See what Which say.
See what Double Glazing Blogger says.

What our customers say

Claire, Barry

Extremely happy with the door Rob supplied. He gave great advice when choosing and was always on hand to answer any questions we had. Wouldn't go anywhere else!

Chris, Caerphilly

Rob was helpful from the start always there for any questions I had. 
I work with multiple pvc manufacturers as I own and run a property improvement company and Cardiff composites service was professional with a quality product will definitely be using them again.

Jo & Alex, Abertillery

Would recommend Composite doors Cardiff. Brilliant service! Rob knows exactly what he's talking about and is very professional. My house looks stunning thanks to my new Windows and Composite door. Thanks once again. We are 100% satisfied customers!

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