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window repair

We offer a local Repairs service to help keep your existing windows and doors operational for as long as possible. Whether you need new window or door handles, new hinges, window seals, replacement glass units, have a window that you cannot open or just want a service to extend the life of a window or door, we can help.


Why replace, if you can repair...

repair cold windows

It is usually, but not always, possible to repair or replace most parts of most windows and doors. We can also work on conservatories, bifold doors and other double glazed products. Our Service Engineers have gained many years of manufacturing and installing the majority of products that we work with and so have an in-depth understanding of how they work, how to repair them and where to source the parts, even those that are hard to find! There are some cases where we cannot repair or replace a part, but that is generally on older products that are no longer produced. We will always try out best though, and we will always advise if the required repairs are not cost-effective or recommended. 

To find out if we can help you and, more importantly what it will cost, simply fill out the form below or call us with details on 0800 865 4745 and we'll be in touch to discuss your repairs with you shortly.

What can we repair?

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