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NEW 'nxt-gen' Doors

Download a brochure for the brand new Distinction nxt-gen Composite Doors.

Welcome to the nxt-gen by Distinction, the latest in composite door technology. Aptly named 'nxt-gen' owing to the combination of symmetry and balance with enhanced security and weather proofing features, offering a beautifully sleek and exceptionally secure entrance door. It's the next generation of composite doors, so welcome to the future.

distinction nxt-gen

With it's sleek looking flush beading and attractive modern grained appearance, the nxt-gen door range is set to be a massive trend in the months and years to come.

Composite Doors Cardiff are one of the first companies able to offer this technologically advance composite door range, so download a brochure and request your no-obligation quotation today. Be the first to offer your customers this brand new product!

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