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Doors of Distinction... at your fingertips

We've been offering our customers the facility to design their own Endurance timber core composite doors on our website for several months now. Endurance doors offer a wide range of styles, but not they're not for everyone's palette. Although the facility has proven very popular, we wanted to offer everybody the opportunity to design their own secure, insulated Distinction composite door as well. And now, that time is finally here!

distinction door designer

Please visit the Door Designer page to get started. The facility is easy to use and even allows you the opportunity to upload a photograph of your property and superimpose your newly designed door onto it. What better way to know that you have the right colour, glazing and style door? Think of us as a 24/7 fitting room for your house!

If you would like some guidance on how to design your door, watch this 2 minute video, or just send us a message and we'll be pleased to help you.

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