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A personal message from the MD. As the Managing Director of Composite Doors Cardiff Limited, I have made arrangements to partner with a charity that has the potential to save many lives in the future. I have personally been touched by the effects of brain cancer.

In 2015 my father lost his long, brave, personality changing and emotionally draining battle against the effects of brain tumours. He was first diagnosed 20+ years previous, after winning round 1 with the removal of a massive brain tumour and masses of radiotherapy. But... the cancer returned, better equipped, in masses and more determined to succeed. It launched its final attack on my dad, and won.

the brain tumour charity

Before he died, probably as far back as 1999, I have collected money in many ways, to donate to The Brain Tumour Charity. At my fathers funeral in December 2015, instead of flowers, we requested donations to The Brain Tumour Charity and collected several hundred pounds for them. Although I was devastated (and still am) by the loss of my father, having watched this once strong, respected and unbeatable man forget who his family were, forget who he was and lose all dignity and awareness of his surroundings, it comforted me knowing that his passing had contributed towards saving someone else's life one day.

A cure may not yet be known, but every penny is "a step closer" to saving our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren or even other close members of our family & friends etc. A cure could be found tomorrow, and with donations that becomes more likely as each day passes.

So why do I tell you all of this? I have contacted The Brain Tumour Charity and signed a partnership deal with them to collect donations through our customer’s voluntary invoice top-ups. This means that, if an invoice is £1495 it could be topped up by as little as £5, or any other figure bigger or smaller, if the customer so desires. 100% of top-up donations will be paid directly from our bank account to The Brain Tumour Charity. It is my genuine hope that this will, over time, raise important funds to help turn that "1 step closer" into 2 steps closer to a cure.

I appreciate you reading this and, despite the fact that this may not result in a purchase, I would like to ensure you know that I am not looking for sales. I just want you all to know that this facility exists and that you can also donate via our JustGiving page here.

Thank you for reading.

michael renee

My dad on his 68th birthday, 2 months before the cancer won. The hardest smile I've ever smiled.

Donations in aid of The Brain Tumour Charity. Registered charity number 1150054 (England and Wales) SC045081 (Scotland) Company limited by guarantee 08266522. Registered office Hartshead House, 61-65 Victoria Road, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 7PA.

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