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Increase in daylight robbery

There has been an alarming increase in daylight break-ins in areas of Barry recently. Burglars appear to be targeting an area of peoples houses that are often left without consideration. The back door...

barry home security

It is true that many people take pride in the appearance on the front of their houses, because everybody sees the front of a house, but there are many people that neglect the security to the rear of their homes. The following links describe many daylight break-ins that have occurred in just a small area of South Wales over a period of just 3 or 4 months. Don't forget to install a high security composite door on all entrances to your property. Talk to Composite Doors Cardiff about free home security checks in the Barry area.

> Devastating impact of Barry burglaries (Glamorgan Gem)

> Spate of daytime burglaries (South Wales Police Facebook Page)

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