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Who wants to buy your old windows?

Let's be totally honest. We've all seen the adverts doing the rounds - we will buy your old windows!!! Why? Why would a company that wants to make money off your purchase actually pay you for your old, insecure, aged, cold, battered windows? They obviously wouldn't. There isn't even a charity shop that would take them off you for free. So, what is the deal? Simple - overprice the new windows, add in a fictitious "buy back" figure to drop the price down to a more reasonable price and then do the job of fitting new windows as normal. My question to you - if they can lie to you at the start, will they have a problem doing the same later on? If you can't be treated with respect before you are a customer, then they don't deserve your custom at all. There are many scams, lies and exaggerations out there, so take your time to think past the amazing, shiny, sparkly, too good to be true statement that you are force fed.

Do we buy back your old windows?

No offence, but we don't want them! We dispose and/or recycle everything, but that costs us money. It certainly doesn't make us any money, so no thank you, we won't be buying them! What we do though, is apply a discount of £50 to every window that we price for you. It's a genuine £50, to the value of £50, comprising 50 £1's or 5000 pennies, to the penny, per window! Sometimes we add more of a discount, depending on the value of the order or complexity of the job. It may not sound as impressive as "we'll give you £5000 for your old windows", but then the truth is often less exciting than a salespersons pitch...

upvc window special offer
uPVC Window Special Offer


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